6 Most Interesting Interior Design Trends in 2016

Now that we are almost getting to the next half of 2016 it is time to get updated on the best interior design trends that should be part of your apartment. It is important to recognize the fact that the 21st century home must evolve and look prettier than it was in previous years. This is why your apartment must be designed with the latest designs in the market.  The interior walls of our homes are getting new looks every year making our apartments look good and better.

The following are the most trending interior designs for a 2016 apartment.


1. Skylight

Bring all the mid-morning sun rays into your room by embracing this interior design trend. You can sit at the most comfortable place inside your room and still get those rays. Skylights are growing in popularity as it allows plenty of light within the room. This eco-friendly option, as you are not using any electricity, is a fun way to spice up any room.


2. Statement Bathroom

These bathrooms make you feel like you are living the life. With all the modern appliances and sleek decorations, your bathroom will have an unique look. Having deep baths with a comfortable round resting area pushes your bathroom to another level of luxury living. Having such a modern bathroom is one trend that is here to stay.


3. Heated Floors

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting out of a nice warm shower in the morning and stepping on the cold bathroom floor. With heated floors, you can avoid this major discomfort. This trend has gained ground and it is largely applicable to many estates, especially during the cold days. It is an interior design trend that has been used in colder regions around the world. However, it has gained popularity across many regions, including cities with more temperate climate, like Los Angeles. If the stars are doing it, so should you.


4. Stainless Steel Kitchen

Now this is what is called the modern kitchen. A kitchen with a stainless steel look proves how clean and clear your kitchen is. Have you ever asked yourself why medical facilities preferred a stainless steel look in their rooms? Well, it is because this look brings durability and shows how easy it is cleaning a room with this kind of look.


5. Tech-less Room

Many living rooms are usually characterized by electric-run appliances and gadgets which is very common living rooms in many homes. Tech-less living rooms are designed in such a way that you don’t require all the gadgets. No technology is required in this kind of design. Tech-less room design is how a 2016 living room should look like.


6. Bold Blue Living Room

2016 is the year of blue color in your living room. You can choose to have heavy or light blue painted walls depending on how you expect the room to look like. If you are weary of painting an entire wall a bold blue, you can insert blue statement pieces throughout the living room. Another fun alternative is using blue curtains to play up your living space.